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In between the velvet seats of Danbarry Theater room six, you might still be able to find the tear drop stains I left behind. Only Disney movies can truly touch a part of my heart to evoke such an emotional reaction during a film. My husband, who also shed a few tears during the movie, is obliged to agree.

The 1 hour 36 36-minute film tugs on the heartstrings of every emotion. As someone who has spent the last decade running from her feelings, I found the storyline convicting and comforting. I also sensed three simple lessons:

1. All Emotions Are Valuable.

2. All Our Memories Make Up Who We Are

3. Our Emotions Aren’t The EnemyEven if you haven’t seen the first or second movie, I encourage you to keep on reading. God gave us emotions for a reason, and I believe this blockbuster hit touches on those bases.