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There’s a photo circulating the internet lately entitled “Awards That Don’t Exist”. It lists things I think both you and I have been guilty of working towards or achieving.

  • Most Perfect
  • Never Said No
  • Rested The Least
  • Didn’t Need Help
  • Worked The Longest
  • Didn’t Make Any Mistakes
  • Lived Up To Everyone’s Expectations

Ouch. Did you think “Yikes” when you read those? I know I did. On more than one occasion, I’ve been guilty of striving towards these nonexistent awards. Except in my mind, they’re very much real, and very much count towards something. Even if it’s my pride, ambition, or addiction to productivity. Which “award” stands out to you the most?

In this article, I’d like to discuss why each of these awards are unrealistic. I’d then like to provide simple ways to combat them through healthier living.