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When I first became a woman, periods were scary. I find that most people are squeamish when it comes to blood, and I’m no different. But the scariest part was being too afraid to tell anyone. I was in denial that my body was maturing, and so I kept it to myself. Pain included. 

During those first few years, the pain wasn’t awful. I could pop a single regular ibuprofen or Pamprin and go on my merry way. As I entered my early and mid-twenties, however, I suspected something was wrong. The sharp stabs and yanking were increasing. Regular doses of pain medication no longer worked, and I grew fearful yet again. This time, not because of the blood, but the unceasing agony. 

For five years, I suffered in silence. Doctor after Doctor told me I was a normal and healthy functioning woman. They wouldn’t examine me because I wasn’t sexually active. But they were confident I was fine. 

“Every woman has cramps,” they’d note, adding me to the list of all the other patients they’d passed along. 

“Here’s 800mg ibuprofen,” they offered, attempting to numb the pinpricks with what felt like a useless bandaid. 

“Eat more fiber and work out to ease symptoms,” they’d retort as if I wasn’t already doing that. 

 And so, I’d embrace another smile, say “Fine,” and go on my way. 

Until the day I passed out. Until the day I crumpled in COSI. Until the day my now husband saw me crawl on the floor to the bathroom. 

On that day, I decided my health and body deserved answers. It would be a long run and journey ahead, definitely not easy, but worth it. I desire the same and more for every one of you suffering today. And that begins by being informed and seeking answers. 

If I could tell people three things about Endometriosis, I would tell them this:1. It isn’t just “period pain”.

2. It is a real diagnosis and disease. 

3. There’s currently no cure.