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My best friend texted me today. Some of the best news to start my week: “A fun fact that may have some encouragement. Today is the earliest sunset of the year! Today’s sunset is at 4:56, and tomorrow it’s at 4:57! Yay!”

It might sound nonchalant or silly, but for those of us who struggle with darkness, oh what joy just a little bit of light can bring. I can sense God speaking that theme over my life. Specifically the past few weeks. 

For two weeks now, I’ve been battling a rough cold on top of allergies. I didn’t need a COVID test to tell me I was feeling crappy. But I felt down. Darkness. Defeated. Discouraged. Hopeless without a way out. Lost in the bleak winter. Have you ever felt this way?

Winter blues are often inevitable to those of us who wish they lived in 75 and sunny year-round. Nevertheless, the changing seasons and temperatures always present new lessons. New ways of thinking. Creative outlets for processing emotions and gleaming insight from it all.