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I’ve worked in public school education for the past five years. In that period, two students have committed suicide, and two others have died prematurely. The grief among staff and students is unimaginable.

And yet, the impact of suicide on today’s youth is just one of many mental health epidemics faced daily.





Eating Disorders.




These students are riddled with them all. 

Every day it seems, I have students telling me their friend died of suicide. Their parents overdosed. Their significant other decided that life wasn’t worth living. They begin to question if theirs is. 

A Call For Change

As an English teacher, I’ve become increasingly aware of these issues. Partially because I like to think I know my students. Partially because every year I read their assigned memoirs and know that I do. 

And yet, year after year, the number of cases rises. Our young adults are in crisis mode and they don’t know how to stop it.