woman and girl by the sea
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Every year, families everywhere celebrate generations of women they call “moms”. For some, it’s a bittersweet day reminiscing those who are no longer with us. For others, it’s a gentle reminder of the pain many wish and pray to achieve status. For most, it’s a day to commemorate someone they hold near and dear as “Mother,” even if not biologically. 

Yesterday was no different. I’m not a mom, nor do I feel the calling to be one, but I have many female figures in my life that have always been “mom” to me. And as I grow older, each of them continues to teach me lesson after lesson as to what it means to be a woman of God. 

As a twenty-something young adult, I am starting to reach that age where I don’t feel young, but I don’t feel old. And the more I gravitate toward my wedding date and living as an independent female, the more I come to respect my mom for who she is.

My Mom’s Example:

Since conception, my mom has been there for me. She’s wiped my tears, provided food and shelter, and offered a helping hand. She’s my absolute best friend, and there’s truly no one as generous, giving, loving, and strong as her. She would do anything for me, and everyone needs a Tammy in their lives. But of all the qualities I could use to describe my mom, the one that’s become the most prevalent to me over the years is her selflessness