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Every year I teach, the students, staff, and shenanigans seem to grow. Within a month, I’m questioning what the students need to learn, how I can most effectively teach it, and why I need to try and be the cool hip teacher all the students want to have for English. The first two are necessary, the last one is a bonus. 

   Nevertheless, one thing that has come easily to me this year is reminding myself and my students of the importance of three things: planning and preparing, staying healthy and hydrated, and prioritizing their mental health and well-being. By utilizing these simple steps, it’s my goal to help them and others have a productive and educational school year.

1. Plan and Prepare

   As a teacher, the start of every school year can be hectic, exhausting, and confusing. After students have switched classes half a dozen times and my phone finally stops ringing, I often leave work thinking about how I can plan and prepare to get ahead for the future. But teachers aren’t the only ones who should be thinking this way. 

   Although I’ve always been an organized person, I realize that not everyone thinks this way. My husband Ben, for instance, is a procrastinator who likes things in order, but not necessarily until the very last second. Marriage is fun. But on a serious note, it is, and it’s taught me some things when it comes to planning and preparing.