Last week, I was really praying about my calling. As an English Education major for students in grades 7-12, I’ve have known for at least the past 5 years that even though this was my college major, I have longed and felt called to write full-time as an Author, blogger, and magazine writer with traveling and some sort of adventure. However, when I told my parents this, though they were happy for me, they felt it was not practical and that I would need a more stable job to sustain myself. And at first, I was okay with this. I mean I do enjoy helping others, teaching English, and working with the wonderful staff and kids that I do at the school I work at. I believe I am there for a purpose, I see it as a blessing, and I know that God is working.

However, as the days go on, I hear God more and more leading me into ministry through writing, and despite what my family says (I know they didn’t mean any harm and I know they love and care about me deeply), I feel that if I don’t act soon, the gifts He’s bestowed upon me, will soon be taken away if I don’t put them into action.

Praying through these desires, I was shocked when a fellow teacher at the school I work at randomly said to my coworkers and I, “Holy smokes that girl can write,” and then proceeded to compliment me. Not knowing how in the world she stumbled across my writing, I realized that not even in my knowing, I had invited her to like the Facebook page for my blog, and low and behold, the floodgates opened of her falling in love with it. Still in disbelief of the matter, she then proceeded to ask me, “Seriously, have you ever considered being an Editor or Writer?” And as I held back the tears, “Yes,” I said, as a smile crossed my lips and joy filled my heart.

Not only did I take this as a direct confirmation from God that I’d been praying about the day before, but a moment of encouragement that I really needed to hear.

As I continued to tell her how much I longed to write and how my family didn’t really support it because of the finances, she coined a bold statement that I haven’t quite since been able to shake: “You’re an incredible writer and if you don’t pursue this, you’re missing your calling.”

With the lunch bell ringing and sixth graders beginning to pile into my classroom, I rushed back to my room, holding back tears, and thanking my fellow teacher for how much her words touched my heart.

Now a few weeks later since this moment, I sit at my desk after a day at work and glance over one of my sixth grade students creative writing projects for our class paper. In awe at how well developed the article is, I make my way to return it to the student the next day, and compliment her on her outstanding work. She bashfully accepts the compliment, but I can tell that she doesn’t really believe it, and that’s when it hit me.

Although I strongly feel called to write and pursue that full time, and when that opportunity arises I must take it, right now I will encourage students like this one that their writing matters, because it does. And you know what, if they want to be an Author someday like me, then what’s stopping them? I will be that light for them until the day comes that God pushes me in and provides for the direction I want to follow. I will not miss this calling, my calling, the calling to write. For both now and later, both in season and out of season of where I feel called, and what I feel called to do, I am fervently in pursuit of how He’s going to fulfill that in my life (2 Timothy 4:2). And not even doubts, circumstances, finances, and even myself can stop the powerful call of a God who moves mountains, speaks life into existence, and surely places firm belief in that which He’s called me to pursue.