I told you I never lie, but what if I didn’t mean to?

What if I didn’t really intend for my feelings to change?
Then it is really a lie?
A piece of half my heart, or perhaps half the truth as wretched as a lie
Heartbeats sway back and forth like a dance in our minds
1,2,3, 1,2,3 our feet flail in anticipation of our anxious lives
As I rest my head upon his shoulder, he asks me where I learned to dance
And in reply I simply smile with my eyes to let him know that he’s the one who did.
Because for as long as I can remember, I’ve been dancing since I could walk, but no one’s ever danced with me quite like he did.
They ask me if I love him and shying off their question with a sincere avoidance of the eyes,
I realize I’d be telling half the truth if I said I didn’t love him, but the whole truth if I said I did.
But it’s too late. 
The ship sailed. 
The dancing of our hearts has been broken like two lovers who no longer know how to keep rhythm.
For that’s the pain of half truth’s, misfigured in their calculations
Too afraid to speak their minds, yet too afraid to live within them