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I saw her. 

Sitting in the front row of my fifth-period class. Typical student. Paid attention for the most part,  but always seemed a bit zoned out. 

When she wrote about her life story in my yearly memoir assignment I wasn’t surprised. Trauma, abuse, mental health, and pain were written not with words but with actions and faces. I thought anyone could recognize that she needed someone to care. To listen. To offer a helping hand, even if it meant sacrificing half of my lunch period. I guess not all teachers feel that way. I’m thankful for the ones who do. 

As I approach my fifth year of teaching, and my fourth year specifically teaching in a public school setting, I’m reminded year after year of the things my students teach me. I know that sounds odd as the teacher, but I’m serious. And especially because I’m an author who writes about young adult mental health, you wouldn’t believe the lessons I’ve learned. 

Going into this school year, there are three things that I want my students to know about mental health. And if you’re a teacher, I would encourage you to help your students know these three things in your classroom as well.