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“But all they gave Him was lip service; they lied to Him with their tongues” -Psalms 78:37 (NLT).

I’m wearing the cutest denim jumpsuit, freshly purchased from JC Penny’s. My blond hair peaks out from behind my ears, and the braid my mom attempted gently falls out. 

“Can I have that toy?” I ask my Grandma Memo. My lip begins to quiver. 

“Not today,” Memo ushers. “But maybe someday.” 

“Okay,” I utter in defeat, sulking away and crafting a plan. 

I begin to cry. Twenty minutes later, my three-year-old fingers have hidden the toy in my coat. I don’t remember feeling guilty until my mom found out. She marched me straight back to Memo’s house and made me confess. I’d given her lip service, but my heart was far from sincere.