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It was late Tuesday evening. What I thought was just a small throat irritation quickly blossomed into a full-blown head cold. By Good Friday, I was coughing, sneezing, and hacking up a storm. Easter Sunday, my period graced me with Endometriosis stabbings. 

“How can I be sick again?” I asked myself. 

“Why can’t I seem to stay well?” 

“When will true rest come?”

Reflecting on the last three months, I’d caught a cold every other month. The culprit? It’s not what you might think.

Are You A Slave?

For the last five years at least, I’ve lived in a state of what I call hypervigilance or fight-or-flight. I’ve always had a type A personality, but when high-functioning anxiety reaches a new level, it isn’t for the faint of heart. “The Grind,” as some people call it, is a slave. Jesus says in Romans 6:15-18, that you’re a slave to whatever you choose to obey. My slavery often comes in the form of efficiency, productivity, and workaholism. It’s praised by society, applauded by co-workers, and admired by onlookers. On the inside, it’s working overtime with no pay. Reducing life without any true reward. 

I’ve always heard it said that if you don’t make time to rest, you’ll be forced to. That was true for me this past week. There’s nothing I hate more than being sick, unproductive, lying around, and resting. My mind searches for things to do, and my body grows restless. Walking to the bathroom or to get a drink of water feels like freedom. Maybe if I took time to build rest and Sabbath into my life, instead of living like a machine, my oil wouldn’t need to be changed so often. Let me explain.