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I recently celebrated my 28th Birthday. Every candle is a reminder of progression without regression. Every year, an unspoken wish, a mnemonic to live without growing old. 

Once I passed childhood, I developed a strong distaste for the holiday. I’ve never liked things I can’t control, and time seems to be one of them. And yet, another year is a gift robbed from many. I have many reasons to rejoice for my years.

At 28, I still haven’t learned to rejoice on my birthday. The day usually ends in tears, my emotions, both good and bad, getting the best of me. But I have learned some things I’d like to share with you. And amid them, something we can continue to learn together. 

1. In Friendships, Choose Quality Over Quantity. Growing up, I desperately struggled to make and keep friends. People would pretend to be my friend when what they wanted was to copy my homework. After failed hangouts and playdates, I started asking people if they “wanted to be my friend.” Countless times I cried in my Memo’s arms, and she’d tell me that real friends don’t need to be asked. She’s right. 

Today, I’m proud to say I have less than five best friends. While a smaller inner circle also supports me, there are only a handful that I trust with my life. Friendship isn’t measured numerically. It’s measured with the heart.