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In a quick Google search, it’s estimated that only about 18% of people save their first kiss for marriage. Concluding the number of weird looks Ben and I received leading up to our marriage, I suspect that number is even lower. 

As a teenager, I never went on a date. Partially because no one ever asked me out. Partially because I probably wasn’t ready and the Lord knew best. I always prayed to date and marry one person, and when God heard that prayer, I knew I was in good company to wait. 

My husband, on the other hand, dated in High School, but never for more than a month or so at a time. He doesn’t regret those short-lived relationships because they taught him a lot, but he does acknowledge that he, too, wasn’t quite ready.

When Ben and I met, we weren’t a “love at first glance,” couple. He loved Information Technology and video games. I loved dance, and all things aesthetic. He could be seen on the embarrassingly funny and nerdy ads for the college help desk, while I could be seen running the trails and recruiting dancers for my dance team. 

Before Ben knew what hit him, he was my dance partner. And before I knew what hit me, I was going on my first date, with a guy I never thought about dating, but whom I would eventually marry.

Five years later, on July 3rd, 2023, Ben and I got married. And on that day, we had our very first kiss. 

I think the people in the crowd were more anxious and excited than us for that moment! Nevertheless, saving that part of ourselves, as well as the rest of our bodies, was worth it, and I would love to share with you three benefits or reasons why.