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On July 18th, 2023, I was officially diagnosed with Stage 2 Endometriosis. 

In some ways, I’m thankful for the results. I praise God that by His strength everything went well. The entire medical staff was kind, patient, and Godly. Most certainly worth the three-hour drive from our home. But more than that, I praise Him for answers.

For the last five years, I’ve experienced debilitating stomach pain and unbearable periods. I’ve learned over time, that pain often doesn’t cease. Chronic diseases and disorders are chronic in that way. Never ceasing. Invading at least twenty-five days every month for myself.

When I first started struggling with G.I. pain, the year was 2019 and I had just graduated college. I thought that chronic constipation wasn’t that bad until thirty days had gone by and I still couldn’t use the bathroom. 

From there, my life became a tailspin of persistent problems and pain. After my colonoscopy resulted in IBS-C and a torturous colon, I had hoped things would get better. Unfortunately, they merely set off a chain reaction of devastating events.

Shortly after my first diagnosis, I began suffering from distressing anxiety, depression, and fatigue. I started seeing a counselor (the same one I see now five years later) for my mental health. One of the best decisions in my life. And while the anxiety and depression are still there, I’ve learned how to minimize their impact on my everyday life.