wedding preparation
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I’m getting married this week, and to say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement. From last-minute preparations to never-ending questions, I think my head might pop off. Nevertheless, the Lord is revealing something to me in this sweet season. And it’s something that I pray I never forget. 

Small Beginnings:

Growing up, I wasn’t the typical girl fascinated with boys, makeup, and showy clothes. Honestly, I was the nerdy girl, obsessed with the latest novels, writing prompts, and aesthetic activities. And to this day, I rarely wear makeup or concern myself with such affairs. Life is too short to cover up your face, disguising what you truly look like. 

But in High School, I tried to change how I looked and acted because I wanted someone to like me. Not only did I start wearing makeup, but I cared entirely too much about my clothes, appearance, and worldly means. I was still a nerd, but I was a nerd trying to be someone and something she wasn’t. 

For years I battled this demon. The demon of pretending to be someone you’re not. I couldn’t understand why the guy I liked didn’t like me back. And no matter how hard I tried, or what I did, it was no use. I was single and mateless, just like all the discarded and lost soles in your laundry room.

I understand now that the Lord was teaching me a lesson I wouldn’t understand until many years later.