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As I leaned against my fiances’ side, the tears engulfed me. 

“I’m scared the darkness is going to win,” my heart pounded as I shuddered. 

“I’m scared it’s always going to be this way.” The words felt free to say them. 

“I’m scared I’m never going to get better.” The hollowness of their validity rang in my ears. 

How many of you have ever felt that way? The fear that darkness really might win, a wavering reality in your mind? A thought you fight off with your intuition, yet still, lingers in your heart? 

Will the Darkness Win?

This week marks Holy Week in 2023 history. And over the next week, souls over 2,000 years ago probably pondered the same question: What if darkness wins?

On Holy/Spy Wednesday, Jesus prepares for His death. Though He knows it’s coming, He isn’t running away, but towards what He knows is destiny.