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Since entering young adulthood, I have spent much of my life pondering how to live up to God’s expectations and callings for my life. I have dreaded searching for jobs, trying to figure out finances, and maintain a healthy lifestyle all while attempting to not “miss the mark” He has put me on this planet to fulfill. 

But here’s the thing, God may call you to a specific job, location, or aspiration, yet more times than not, His primary concern is that you are living life in a way that brings glory to His name. 

Matthew 28 coins The Great Commission of taking His Word to the ends of the Earth, no matter your occupation, status update, or salary. He asks us to trust Him amid the uncertainty of those difficult decisions, believing that as long as we love and serve Him with our whole heart, we will be satisfying that call. 

In Psalm 138, a Psalm to Serve the Lord, I want to encourage you that in the heat of trial, swirl of indecision, or questions of existence, God will accomplish His purpose for you. 

Even when earthly gods like people, places, or professions try to steal your clarity or fog up your intended design, God looks down and says “I love you, I know you, I see you, I have called you, and I will satisfy well-intended desires expected of you.”

God looks down on us in our lowly places, in those moments of pain, confusion, uncertainty, doubt, and failure, and He sees us. It isn’t that 20/20 vision that comforts us though, but knowing that when we look Him in the eyes, He rescues us like a hero, loves us like a Father, and comforts us as a friend.

“The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands” (Psalm 138, ESV). 

If it’s His will, everything, and I mean everything, will be just fine. Job, dreams, relationships, money, He’s got this. He wouldn’t call you to such heights if He didn’t intend to keep His promises.

Agape, Amber