Mission and Beliefs


Shattering lies with the truths of God’s WordShedding light on society, confronting controversy, and silencing it with love.

A Message From the Author (2014):

Totally Amber

I think I was born into the wrong decade.  The one where TV’s, Ipads, Ipods, Iphones, and MacBook Air’s didn’t exist. The society where it was more important to talk to the people sitting across from you, than the ones virtually appearing on your screens.

I like to imagine that I too can make this disappearing decade come back to life.  To talk to people face-to-face, instead of having a device type my words for me.  To get away from the media of this world, that was meant to “plug us in”, but really only “pulled us out”.

You might call me an “old fashioned soul”,

Because I enjoy getting up bright and early just to see the sunrise as it dawns.  Or waiting till it is late and dark, to envision it setting up in the nights sky.  I try to appreciate the small things in life that we generally take for granted.  From the sun, and sky and moon and stars, to the beds we sleep on while we gaze at fireflies in jars.

I take delight in long walks, distance running, and playing board games.  While I tend to overuse a lot of commas, hearing people play music, still makes me very happy.

And although I may like these literal or figurative things that this life has placed on me, my favorite part of having lives to live, is seeking out God’s plan for me.

That as much as I would like to plan and map it all out to see, I trust in God who knows my blueprint to sketch it together piece by piece.  To know that in my heart, and soul, and mind and living being.  God has truly called me, and YOU, to live a life of very well-being.

So I may enjoy abundances of granola, or running and dancing every hour, and that may seem strange to you or even me.  But I sure do know who I am, and who I’m not, and who God created me to be.

Let your words be spoken.  Shatter the Silence.