Dance Ministry

When I was 3, my mom enrolled me in tap, jazz, and ballet at a traditional studio. I didn’t realize then that dance would become part of my ministry. By 18, I was skilled in kick-line, blackout tap, and jazz. I quickly enrolled at Transitions School of Dance, where I learned more modern styles of tap, jazz, ballet, acrobatics, contemporary, lyrical, and hip-hop. I competed at the state and national level during this time. 

In college, God led me to create Movements From the Heart; an aesthetic ministry team located on the campus of Ohio Christian University. I ran the team for four years until I graduated and wasn’t allowed to host it anymore. Shortly after graduating, I formed Aisthitikos Joy Ministries; an adult aesthetic ministry team. Within two years, the group dwindled to a halt because of COVID. 

For two years I wrestled with the longing to dance. It was a craving in my bones that couldn’t be satisfied. Yet, opportunities were lacking. Until my husband and I got married. 

One month after we said “I do,” Ben asked me if I would consider forming another adult ministry team. I said “Absolutely not,” and felt I had failed in the past as a leader. Over the next four months, God would change my heart and my mind. He not only provided people for a team, but locations for practices, and open hearts. 

Today, Ben and I are the Founders of Light in the Darkness Adult Dance Ministry Team. We exist to shine the light of the Gospel into the lives of those suffering from mental and physical health conditions.

In John 16:33, Jesus tells us that we will face trouble on this side of Heaven. That includes mental and physical tragedies. But The Light, Jesus Christ, gives us hope and strength knowing someone’s been where we are and loved us enough to stay with us. He gives us resources here on earth and makes His presence known to us–even in the darkest of places. Even there. In the darkness. Waiting for light to break forth.