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Amber Ginter is a teacher, author, blogger, and mental health activist who resides in the beautiful mountains and cornfields of Ohio. She loves Jesus, granola, singing, reading, dancing, running, her fiance Ben, and participating in all things active. She’s currently enrolled in the Author Conservatory Program and plans to pitch her book: Mental Health and the Modern Day Church for Young Adults, soon. 

Past and Present Publications: Daughter of Delight, No Small Life, Darling Magazine, The Lookout Magazine (Christian Standard Media), The Rebelution, Kallos, Southern Ohio Today, The Circleville Herald, Frontline Church of God, Anchored Passion, Salem Web Network, ibelieve and Called Christian Writers. I am a featured author in One True God, and am currently enrolled in the YWW Author Program to become a full-time author. In the past, I have also written for Ohio Christian University and Southern Ohio Today. Guest post here


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“”My life is just a series of events separated by snacks (granola)”


  • My boyfriend Ben and I at the Columbus Zoo, 2019.

    Festival of Carols performance at OCU, 2018.

    Me as a little girl with wide eyes and the biggest aspirations.

    Beautiful mountains at YoungLife Camp Malibu, 2018.

    YoungLife Malibu, BC, 2018.

    My best friend Kasandra and I on a road trip.

    Wonderful photography by Hirschler, 2018.

    My best friend Kasandra’s wedding day, 2018.

    Movements from the Heart (now Aisthitikós Joy Ministries) shenanigans.
Remember, these are only the highlights.